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Dama y Obrero/ქალბატონი და მუშა

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Dama y Obrero/ქალბატონი და მუშა

Post by MaRiami on Sat Apr 05 2014, 13:14

ქალბატონი და მუშა არის ტელემუნდოს 2013 წლის ესოპანურ ენოვანი ტელენოველა.ეს არის same name-ის რიმეიქი.

მთავარ როლებში:
Ana Layevska[8] as Ignacia Santamaría: Omega Construction engineer, Estela and Enrique's daughter, Mariano's step-daughter, Rubén's half-sister, Alfonsina's granddaughter, Tomás' ex-wife, in love with Pedro, marries him in the last episode and has two children with him.
José Luis Reséndez[9] as Pedro Pérez: Former construction worker, Margarita's adopted son, Gina and Mariano's real son, Lupita's step-brother/cousin, Rubén's half-brother, Mireya's ex-boyfiend, in love with Ignacia, marries her in the last episode, has two children with her
Fabián Ríos[10] as Tomás Villamayor: Omega Construction owner, alcoholic, Ernesto's son, José Manuel's ex-fellow worker, Karina's ex-lover, Estela's ex-son-in-law/lover/accomplice, Mireya's ex-lover, Ignacia's ex-husband.
Felicia Mercado[11] as Estela Mendoza: Ignacia and Rubén's mother, Alfonsina's daughter, Mariano's ex-wife, Tomás's mother-in-law/lover/accomplice, Enrique's ex-lover, killed Karina and Enrique, become insane and ends up in psychiatric.

საყვარელი სერიალი : .....
პოსტების რაოდენობა : 118623
დაბადების თარიღი : 10.04.99
ქულები : 121680
ასაკი : 19

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