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ტელემუნდო თუ ტელევისა?

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მაგდა ემი-magda.m

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Post by eric von on Sun Aug 03 2014, 21:16

მაგდა ემი-magda.m 300px-MagdaM.
Magdalena Miłowicz is a young lawyer who seems to be a little lost in her love life, until she meets Peter, a man who also turns out to be a lawyer. After they met, they fall madly in love.
Nonetheless, Peter has chosen to fight for Magda's affection. Once he wins Magda's love, he gets very sick with an illness, requiring him to go to the United States for treatment. However, he chose not tell Magda, unwillingly hurting her in the process.
When he gets well and comes back, he tries to win her back. But for leaving her without a word, she wants him out of her life, saying that she has other men to choose from. But the question is—is Peter Magda's true love, a love that she has denied herself?
Joanna BrodzikMagda Miłowicz2005–2007
Paweł MałaszyńskiPiotr Korzecki2005–2007
Ewa KasprzykTeresa Miłowicz2005–2007
Bartłomiej ŚwiderskiSebastian Lewicki2005–2007
Daria WidawskaAgata Bielecka2005–2007
Krzysztof StelmaszykWiktor Waligóra2005–2007
Katarzyna HermanKarolina Waligóra2005–2007
Bartek KasprzykowskiWojciech Płaska2005–2007
Katarzyna BujakiewiczMariola Adamska-Płaska2005–2007
Szymon BobrowskiBartek Malicki2005–2007
Jacek BraciakŁukasz Zaniewicz2005–2007
Patrycja DurskaKasia Robecka-Zaniewicz2005–2007

მაგდა ემი არის პოლონური სერიალი, რომელიც გადის პირველ არხზე  ყოველდღე 11 საათზე,
 სერიალის რაოდენოდა არის 55 სერია
eric von
eric von

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პოსტების რაოდენობა : 2614
დაბადების თარიღი : 02.03.93
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